Since last six decades we are in the field of manufacturing and supplying tents, blankets and other core relief products to aid & relief sector as well as commercial sector around the world

We aim to provide backup support to the humanitarian aid and relief organizations. Helping them save more lives and minimize human sufferings in circumstances of disasters and wars.

Our extensive experience, state of the art manufacturing facilities, global contingency stocks and professional logistics support enable us to respond to bulk demands in short time.

Being leading manufacturers of many core relief items, we have full control on quality and prices. With our ever evolving production setup, we have been prominent responders to some of the major disasters in the history of mankind.

Our products are checked and lab-tested during every stage of production. Thus our products have amazing track record of durability, reliability and stability in the field.


Tents Division

PARAMOUNT is one of the global leading tent manufacturers. We specialize in tents manufacturing, solely focusing on the demand and taste of our customers. Our goal is to provide our customers with tents that carry following benefits:

Blankets Division

PARAMOUNT has its very own vertically integrated setup for blanket-manufacturing. Blankets division has become one of the major composite of our manufacturing setup with capacities to manufacture 300,000 Blankets per month.

Tarpaulin Division

Tarpaulins can be used to make a simple shelter as well as covering damaged structures, the upgrading of tents and shelters, fencing, ground sheet or food storage protection.

Other Relief Items

We are proud to proclaim that we are the number one choice for supplying emergency relief items to many humanitarian aid organizations.